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Clinical trials have become an important aspect in our lives.

At Atlanta Premier,we recognize the value in obtaining highly trained professionals
in clinical trials. As the importance of this field begins to expand in other countries,
we take pride in being an effective conduit between clinical/medical research pro-
fessionals and pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies in ensuring compliance
with national and international regulations/guidelines.

We are committed to providing quality services because our success depends on your success.



Atlanta Premier Site Management
Organization (SMO) provides cost
effective management practices for
your clinical programs and business
development. We ensure that the
study is conducted with the highest
standards of quality, ethics while
adhering to international.



Our primary therapeutic areas are
included in the list below.However,We
do have a database for investigators in
nearly all major therapeutic areas. If
you have questions or need for a thera-
peutic area not listed below, please
contact our Investigator services
for more information.

1. Neurology
2. Cardiology
3. Gastroenterology
4. Oncology
5. Dermatology
6. Metabolic Endocrinology
7. Wound Healing
8. Reproductive Health


About us

Sample Images We recognized the value in having highly trained professionals, especially in clinical trials. Employing, developing, and retaining highly trained clinical trial professionals will help us accomplish our commitment to providing services to all our clients with the highest quality and integrity.
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Confessions of a Shopaholic Atlanta Premier Site Management Organization (SMO), is committed to partnering with medical professionals to promote and conduct clinical trials ethically, efficiently, and systematically.
Sample Images APSMO recognizes the need for corporate partnership to treat diseases globally more effectively. As such, we believe in collaborating with organizations such as: Caligeo Clinical,LLC